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Plush Beauty Service

"Don't let time stop you from being your best self!"

“There is nothing more precious than time” - Czech Proverb. 

We understand and value your time at Plush Beauty Service (PBS)! 

For many people, there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete tasks, work out, eat healthy, or do self-care. PBS provides our clients with a wide variety of beauty services and products while keeping their time in mind without compromising health and wellness goals. 

PBS specializes in weight management using a range of body sculpting techniques, including but not limited to Wood Therapy, Ultrasound Cavitation, R.F. Skin Tightening, and Non-invasive BBL. In addition to our body sculpting services, clients can book tooth gem services or shop for health and wellness products. Our goal at Plush Beauty Service is to help others achieve their health and beauty goals by decreasing the time it takes to attain them! 

Don’t let time stop you from being your best self!